Occupational Health & Safety Commitment

DEARSAN Shipyard acknowledges that the human is most important asset in all its activities, and considers a healthy and safe working environment as a crucial requirement for its production efficiency.

To prevent occupational accidents and health problems within the scope of the regulations set by the legislation and other requirements, and to raise awareness of its employees DEARSAN is committed to

- Provide training about Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) to all its employees, ensure that all employees attend the training and are acquainted with the regulations;

-  Consider OHS as the top priority in all its activities;

-  Cooperate with the other organizations for joint intervention to emergency situations and disasters;

- Provide safer and healthier working conditions for the employees who are the most important assets to the company, and continuously improve these conditions,

- Minimize the OHS risks and improve the OHS System through technological developments and efficient use of the resources.