Quality Management System

DEARSAN Shipyard is a leading company performing global manufacturing activities and having a significant role in the developments within the scope of the shipbuilding industry. It has adopted ensuring manufacturing quality at an acceptable level for the world standards and maintaining such quality as a principle. New construction, maintenance and repair works in DEARSAN  shipyard are being carried out by trained and experienced personnel as required by ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management System.


Our quality policy

·         To manufacture military and commercial vessels which are capable of completely satisfying customers both at the delivery and in the long run thereafter and of being modified in accordance with the requests of customers;

·         To implement the ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management Standard in all stages of the manufacturing process from planning to the completion of manufacturing works;

·         To enhance the efficiency and productivity of the system by means of controlling the processes and objectives within the scope of the continuous improvement activities stipulated by the quality management system;

·         To apply appropriate monitoring, measurement and analysis processes in order to ensure compliance of the product with the requirements of the quality management system and with other required conditions and to provide the sustainability of this cycle;

·         To attach importance to vocational trainings and developments of all our employees.


DEARSAN is audited both within the frame of its own quality policy and by International Class Institutions, Flag States and Customers on a constant basis depending on the project requirements.